Biological Self Restore due to its composition allows you to restore physiological phagocytosis, apoptosis in the body. At physiological concentrations of Biological Self Restore in the body, the redox potential and pH of the medium are restored.

The action of Biological Self Restore can be characterized as a personalized approach to each person, taking into account his individual pharmacokinetics.

Observation, study of the action of a substance in the body must be considered as pharmacogenetic testing. The result of the effects obtained with Biological Self Restore is so wide that it can be classified as an integrating systemic substance that detects and restores disturbed informational, functional, metabolic and energetic connections in the body (restoration of correct genetic replications and genome integrity).

Biological Self Restore activates recovery, reparative processes at different levels. It has a specific and non-specific antiviral effect.

It is known that the state of the biological internal environment of the human body can be determined by three parameters of the body’s internal fluids. This is an acid-base parameter (pH), redox potential (ORP), an indicator of cellular activity (R). The use of Biological Self Restore creates conditions in the body that significantly limit the survival of pathogens in the human body due to the alkalization effect and a significant increase in the body’s electrical energy.

For living cells, the most dangerous is the free radical oxidation of polyunsaturated fatty acids. In this case, a large number of lipid hydroperoxides are formed, which have a high reactivity, leading to damage to the stability of cell membranes and cell death.

Numerous studies have shown that the use of the Biological Self Restore substance in therapeutic dosages prevents lipid peroxidation and prevents free radicals from accumulating in the body, which under oxidative stress overload the body’s antioxidant system and lead to various diseases.

A variety of biologically active compounds, approaching in chemical composition to the complex membrane structure of human cells, determines the multivalence of the Biological Self Restore effect on metabolic, endocrine and immune processes, exerting a regulatory effect on all types of metabolism and homeostasis in general.

Biological Self Restore is a parapharmaceutical. It has a normalizing and correcting effect on the functions of individual organs and systems of the human body. It has no toxic and side effects. It has an adaptogenic and general strengthening effect, increases the resistance of the human body to the adverse effects of an environmentally friendly environment (environmental pollution, exposure to pathogenic microflora and viruses, exposure to high and low temperatures, toxic effects, etc.) increases the body’s resistance to stress, preventing post-stress effects. From the first days of administration, the positive activity of Biological Self Restore is manifested at the molecular-cellular level in the organs and systems of the body.

Biological Self Restore, acting on the mesodiencephalic structures of the brain, finds a “place of resistance – impairment” in the body and acts on it selectively, sequentially including the system of destruction of sick, weak and altered cells.

Biological Self Restore increases mental and physical performance (up to 45%), and also accelerates the restoration of the body’s defenses after the loads (including during exhausting loads in athletes) and with violations of various etiologies. This becomes possible as a result of the elimination of multi-cause disorders and disorders manifested against the background of genetic predispositions, under the influence of infectious and other influences, leading to activation or imbalance of the immune system and dysregulation of the central nervous system.

Biological Self Restore affects the opening of vesicular traffic, the process of producing proteins responsible for genetic recombination, repair and DNA replication. Increases proliferative activity (division activity) in cells and controls the cell cycle, triggers the accelerated apoptosis system of defective cells. This leads to a slowdown in the accumulation of mutations, to the release of cells from genetically excessive (extrachromosomal) DNA.

Biological Self Restore, affecting certain proteins in the cells, triggers mechanisms that enable them to synthesize enzymes for DNA repair in emergency situations (SOS response – SOS repair) in case of serious damage to DNA that actually threatens its viability. Protein SOS-response is short-term in nature, and after about 40-60 minutes it switches to constitutive repair. The result of this is the suppression of defective replications and an increase in the accuracy of replication of existing sequences in DNA; this allows Biological Self Restore to be used to prevent the oncological process and suppress the progression of malignant cells during oncotherapy. All these processes occur under the influence of a biopolymer – polyprenol. The molecular substances of polyprenol are involved in the “repair” of damaged sections of DNA, and the ubiquitin polymer is a molecular “death mark” and includes a molecular mechanism for the destruction of “unnecessary” proteins. Ubiquitin protection of the cell from unwanted proteins is necessary in case of violation of the normal functioning of the body (Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s and some oncological diseases, as well as to slow down the aging process).

BSR beta-glucans block the development of the circulatory system of the tumor. A tumor cannot grow larger than 2 mm if it does not receive nutrients from the blood. Beta-glucans block the release of vascular growth factors by the tumor and, as a result, the gradual cessation of tumor nutrition and its subsequent reduction.

Biological Self Restore, upon reaching a therapeutic concentration in the patient’s body, helps to stimulate the cytotoxic effect of the cells of the immune system and cells of the macrophage-monocytic unit, enhances the expression of tumor-associated antigens on tumor cells, which makes them more sensitive to the lytic effect of the cells of the immune system.

Long-term use of Biological Self Restore inhibits the growth of a number of tumors. It should be noted that Biological Self Restore is able to show synergism with other immunomodulators and antitumor drugs. In this case, we recorded a significant lengthening of the life span and a significant increase in the percentage of cure with a recorded development of persistent antitumor immunity.

Biological Self Restore, upon reaching a therapeutic concentration, stimulates leukopoiesis as a result of increased synthesis of colony stimulating factors by monocyte macrophages.

BSR does not cause resistance in tumor cells, unlike many well-known antitumor drugs used as standard agents in various chemotherapy regimens. The Biological Self Restore effect is observed in the destruction of the oncofetal antigen 5T4 (h5T4), which is a transmembrane glycoprotein that protects the oncological tumor from the host immune system, which complicates oncology immunotherapy.

BSR has a bioregulating, multidirectional effect, capable of enhancing the weak, weakening the strong or leaving the normal immune system response unchanged.

As a result of experimental studies and clinical trials, it was found that Biological Self Restore is a highly effective domestic exogenous immunomodulator and has been widely used in the treatment of bacterial and viral infections with different localization of the lesion. Biological Self Restore has a primary stimulating effect on the macrophage – phagocytic immunity. As a result, phagocytosis is activated, macrophage production of interleukin-1 and other inflammatory cytokines is enhanced. Antibody production is stimulated, T-helpers, natural “killers” are activated, that is, humoral and cellular immunity. Such an effect on the immune system, to the greatest extent, is close to natural immunostimulation, which occurs during the destruction of bacteria, including normal microflora. This mechanism

BSR acts on immunocompetent organs, helps to normalize indicators of both cellular and humoral immunity, causes the effect of a colony-stimulating factor in immune-competent organs, increasing the renewal of lymphoid cells 1.7-2.1 times, restores the entire interleukin series (from IL-1 to IL- 33). Beta-glucan stimulates the formation of gamma interferon, globulins and tumor necrosis factor in the body.

Given the effect of Biological Self Restore on immunocompetent organs, the neuro-immune system is able to recognize pathological changes in the cell and the cause of these changes, in particular, the virus, the result of which is direct and indirect virucidal effect. Biological Self Restore allows inducing cellular and humoral immunity by increasing cytotoxic T-lymphocytes (CTLs), which recognize the presented antigens by restoring the function of the proteins of the main histocompatibility complex (MHC) and lyse infected cells, even if the virus is in latent form. Biological Self Restore helps eliminate the virus by eliminating the cells that produce the virus.

Against the background of BSR, B-lymphocytes form a wide range of soluble antibodies that neutralize the virus and support the immune response by increasing the number of active B-lymphocytes with long-term memory. BSR helps inactivate the virus until it has a chance to infect new host cells. Biological Self Restore prevents the virus from acquiring resistance properties and evolving. Biological Self Restore has a hepatoprotective effect, normalizes impaired detoxification and protein-forming function of the liver due to the activation of several hundred isoforms of cytochrome P-450.

BSR is not only a means of replacement therapy, which is especially important in the treatment of extremely weakened patients with severe intoxication of patients, but also has a powerful immunostimulating effect on non-specific immunity. With prolonged use of BSR, the development of resistance, the appearance of toxicity, an increase in the concentration of harmful impurities and intolerance phenomena are not observed. BSR has a pronounced, balanced, regulatory effect on the immune system as a whole, in the absence of adverse reactions, is available in a convenient form for administration, with wide reasonable use for many diseases, while remaining the most inexpensive on the domestic market.

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