Biological Self Restore’s positive effects are not just about the fungus strain selected but it’s also about how it is produced.

The method used in its production produced an end product with higher positive interaction than other methods of production research in our trials.

After careful research a specific fungus strain was selected for its positive effects in animal studies and many human studies. This is a naturally occurring fungus strain and is in no way genetically modified.

Biological Self Restore is obtained biotechnologically using the culture of  a specific specially selected fungus. The specified culture is grown in a deep sterile liquid nutrient medium, including carbohydrates, as well as mineral nitrogen and phosphorus salts. This growing culture was developed after much research and development to get the most benefits. The fungus when grown in this culture contains much more beneficial components and has a much broader and greater impact on human health. This method produces a finished product that is a deep red / brown in colour and is full of nutrients.

At the end of fermentation, the mycelial mass is separated from the native solution, thoroughly washed, squeezed, granulated and dried, followed by thermal disinfection. Dry product is standardized and packaged.

BSR is produced by biotechnological method by growing this fungus biomass in conditions of strict sterility and careful monitoring of the whole process, starting from  raw materials to the finished product, which, according to the requirements for food products to be checked for microbiological purity and safety of the content of toxic elements.