Basic concept of The effects BSR on the human body

This mechanism is possible due to the powerful antioxidant effect that the BSR possesses.

In a holistic microorganism, the systems for generating free radicals, in particular, free forms of oxygen, and anti-radical, antioxidant defence are in dynamic equilibrium.

Violation of this interaction often leads to destabilization of biological membranes, activation of lipid peroxidation, haemostatic disorders, fibrinolysin, activation of the kallikrein-kinin system, complement system, impaired vascularization, oxygenation and trophic tissue.

It was established that BSR has a systemic effect due to the correction of bioprocesses in the human body at the nano level, in particular by suppressing defective and increasing the replication accuracy of existing DNA sequences due to its powerful antioxidant effect.