Biological Self Restore prevents the development of overwork and accelerates recovery processes by correcting the energy metabolism of muscles and other organs, antioxidant and immunotropic effects, anabolizing effects, etc. All of the listed features of the product are relevant for people who are actively involved in sports and physical education and that is especially important at any age (from junior to veteran).

BSR is a systemic drug that restores disturbed causal relationships in the body that occur under the influence of various factors (environmentally friendly environment, radiation, viral infection, etc.), manifested against the background of genetic predispositions and leading to an imbalance of the immune-humoral system and dysregulation of the central nervous system, and accompanied by the development of metabolic and regulatory processes leading to the formation of persistent chronic diseases and premature aging.
This mechanism is possible due to the powerful antioxidant effect that BSR possesses. In a holistic macroorganism, the systems for generating free radicals, in particular, free forms of oxygen, and antiradical, antioxidant defense are in dynamic equilibrium. Violation of this interaction often leads to destabilization of biological membranes, activation of lipid peroxidation processes, hemostatic disorders, fibrinolysis, activation of the calicrein-kinin system, complement system, impaired vascularization, oxygenation and trophic tissue.