In women with mastopathy, while taking the BSR preparation, complaints of pain, breast engorgement disappeared, positive dynamics were noted during ultrasound examination – cysts, breast seals disappeared, progesterone, estradiol, prolactin returned to normal.



  • Biological Self restore is a natural parapharmaceutical.
  • It has a normalizing and correcting effect on the functions of individual organs and systems of the human body.
  • Has no toxic and side effects.
  • It has an adaptogenic and general strengthening effect on the whole body.

During the administration of the BSR preparation, the occurrence of pain in the mammary gland was noted (pain occurred in various phases of the menstrual cycle), after the recommended instrumental examination of the mammary glands, the presence of an oncological process was revealed. Thus, the BSR preparation must be used as a prophylaxis of the oncological process in the mammary glands in the early stages, almost from the moment of formation of the clone of the oncocytes.

Biological Self Restore can be used on a large range of gynecological conditions.

Diabetic mastopathy

BSR is very useful in Diabetic Mastopathy.

Diabetic Mastopathy are noncancerous lesions in the breast most commonly diagnosed in premenopausal women that have type 1 diabetes.

The cause of this condition is unknown. Symptoms may include hard, irregular, easily movable, discrete, painless breast mass/es.

The use of BSR can assist all forms of Diabetics in helping to manage their blood sugar levels and to keep other risk factors down it also help in the effects of Diabetic Mastopathy reducing pain and balancing hormone levels.

BSR helps in metabolic processes, including carbohydrate and lipid metabolism. 

Most likely, the main influence of BSR is through the immune system, having an immunomodulating and immunocorrecting effect, which was shown in experimental studies.

BSR is used as a biologically active nutritional supplement in therapeutic nutrition. This food supplement is a dry biomass of a mycelium.