There are many factors that influence why one athlete is better or faster  – first of all, this is genetic heredity, which determines our physical abilities, the body’s ability to activate under stress for a normal person.

After years of training, many athletes have come close to the limit of the physiological and psycho-emotional capabilities of the body.

Sports medicine shows that there is a limit to physical capabilities due to biophysics and physiology. At this point in time, the human body itself uses only 25-30 percent of its capabilities. BSR overcomes this barrier.

The action of BSR can be characterized as a personalized approach to each person, taking into account his individual programmed pharmacokinetic constants. BSR has a proven clinical effect when used by highly qualified athletes.

The action of BSR is so wide that it can be classified as an integrating systemic substance. BSR launches the processes of detection and recovery of disturbed informational, functional, metabolic and energy connections in the body.

BSR promotes the launch of the system for the production of necessary neurohormones and the formation of “correct” nerve impulses after finding and differentiating psychosomatic “risk factors”. Neurohormones are many times more effective than the most powerful drugs and quickly affect the increase in sports performance, i.e. expanding the ability of an athlete to adapt to physical activity.

BSR allows you to speed up the process and increase the body’s adaptation to unusual conditions of training and competitive activity (mid mountains, humid and hot climates, a sharp change in time zone during flights and, as a result, a state of acute external and internal desynchronosis, etc.).

BSR prevents an increase in the concentration of urea in the blood up to 17.8%, hematocrit and lactate, which indicates high recovery properties. When applied on a course, BSR restores the athletes ’overall athletic performance (statistically significant among stayers to 62.7%, among sprinters up to 65.6% among volleyball players – 53%), which is expressed in an increase in running time to failure on a treadmill with a stepwise increasing physical activity.

The antioxidant effect of the drug was revealed (statistically significant among stayers – up to 66.3%, among sprinters – 74.6%, among volleyball players – 86.2%).

BSR increases glycogen supply by 2 times, improves the chemical and biochemical composition of blood. Blood is oxygenated 45% more. Develops muscle capillary bed, increases blood flow. BSR and the adaptation method developed by us contributes to the achievement of high sports results due to the natural increase in sports performance up to 30-50%.

According to research BSR has the most powerful properties of adaptogen, as a result of which it helps to relieve fatigue, increase the overall tone of the body, the desire to exercise, general stimulation of vitality and functional capabilities of the body, helps to assimilate products of high biological value (PPBC). BSR due to the balanced work of the body increases calorie burning increases three to six or more times.

BSR  is recommended for widespread use in sports medicine, as well as in physical education classes in order to expand the boundaries of adaptation to physical activity in extreme conditions. BSR promotes the synthesis of skeletal muscle proteins and partially myocardial muscles, reduces the fat content in the body and changes its distribution. Against the background of taking BSR, muscle mass is stabilized and fats are mobilized from the depot to 10% or more.

BSR is a monoculture of a fungus it contains 22 amino acids, including essential amino acids (tryptophan, lysine, methionine). BSR components are unsaturated fatty acids, 50% of which are linolenic acid. BSR is characterized by a high content of ubiquinones Q6, Q9, Q10 for natural compounds. Ubiquinones – vital coenzymes, are components of the respiratory chain of the cell.

Carbohydrates are represented by the structural polysaccharide fungal α – β-chitin, mannans, beta-glucans: polyprenol biopolymer and ubiquitin polymer, as well as polyphenols, which are able to change the activity of many metabolic enzymes. BSR beta-glucans contribute to the appearance of an additional biological effect that triggers the process to restore the lost regulatory functions of the body.

Organic acids, including malic, citric, succinic. The range of vitamins includes all the vitamins of the B group, folic and nicotinic acid.

The mineral composition is represented by 15 essential trace elements, 9 of them are cations and 6 anions. BSR due to its composition allows you to restore physiological phagocytosis, apoptosis in the body. At physiological concentrations of BSR in the body, the redox potential and pH of the medium are restored.

BSR, as a system integrating preparation, is indicated in children and youth sports, as well as highly qualified professionals. As a social and after sports physiological rehabilitation, adaptation of athletes who have completed a sports career. With a sharp cessation of stress, disorganization of the regulatory systems of the body occurs. BSR restores functional systems that have been damaged as a result of a long sports career.

Long life is impossible without health, and health is without our efforts. BSR is the right solution for achieving a comfortable life and getting high sports results.