Conception / Future Moms

The results of experimental and clinical observations conducted over a period of years, the effect of the BSR preparation on the human body. Women who are trying to conceive can benefit from the use of BSR 7 months before Conception.


Since the normalization of hormonal endocrine status occurs with stable levels of releasing hormones and the formation of basal and tonic secretion of TSH, LH and FSH. BSR will reduce the viral and bacterial load that they (parents) have and will prepare the woman’s body for the physiological course pregnancy, will reduce the risk of embryonic and teratogenic disorders.

Future dads

For the future father of the child, BSR will improve spermogram parameters: ejaculate viscosity and sperm agglutination (gluing) will decrease, their number will increase, the volume of immobilizing antisperm antibodies will decrease, which is the main cause of immune forms of infertility in men.

Physiology of the Reproductive System of Women

The study of the hormonal profile in women showed the correlating effect of the BSR  on the level of pituitary hormones and ovarian hormones in the I and II phases of the menstrual cycle, a significant increase in progesterone in the ovulation phase of the menstrual cycle, which indicates the stabilization and normalization of the neurohormonal profile in the hypothalamic-pituitary adrenal-ovarian system.

Having problems conceiving a child? This problem may be solved with BSR

Given the restoration of menstrual function, BSR can be recommended for women suffering from the immunoendocrine form of infertility.

Gynaecology (diagnosis)

In case of gynaecological pathology (ovarian dysfunction, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, adnexitis, mastopathy), taking the BSR drug allows you to stop the pain syndrome, normalize red blood counts (absence of menorrhagia), stabilize the parameters of blood chemistry and electrolyte balance (lower cholesterol, glucose , sodium and potassium cations, and an increase in total protein, albumin).

After therapy with BSR, normalization of the mesodiencephalic brain structures was observed (EEG data), immunological parameters.

BSR is also very effective in women with mastopathy.