Sports Performance
Sports performance studies of the effect of the Biological Self Restore preparation on the physical performance of tired (after performing intense physical activity) athletes of high qualification (in a bench experiment training in the development of endurance and speed-strength qualities) were carried out.
In parallel, the dynamics of the chemiluminescence of free radicals on a chemiluminometer, glucose, urea, lactate, hematocrit, proteinogram indicators, immunograms (compliment components, phagocytosis, immunoglobulins, T and B lymphocytes), the state of the cardiovascular system, ECG, blood pressure, heart rate, were evaluated.
sports performance
As a result of clinical observations into sporting performance, the following results were obtained. The supplement Biological Self Restore , when applied over a course of 21 days, restores the athletes’ overall athletic sports performance, which translates into an increase in running time to failure on a treadmill with stepwise increasing physical activity, an average of at least 30%
sports performance
The recommended dosage of Biological Self Restore for athletes differ other individuals.

Note: Biological Self Restore for sports performance may be taken the following ways:

  • Taken orally chewed up (or sucked on) and then swallowed after or during a meal. ( FOR BEST RESULTS )
  • Taken whole swallowed with water at meal times.

While taking the BSR, it is advisable to keep a diary of subjective well-being. 10 days before the competition, and throughout the entire competitive period:

Competitive Athletes interested in increasing their sports performance

  • Take 2 tablets up to 6 times a day.

After the competition period or off season

  • Take 1 tablet 3 times a day.

Athletes find that not only will Biological self restore increase their sports performance it will keep them in better physical shape all year round this also includes helping them to avoid getting “sick” such as catching a cold or flu this will increase the amount of training the athlete can get done.

BSR will help in the athletes recovery from both training and injury decreasing down time after strains, decreasing muscle soreness and after hospital stays.