The general recommendation on the use of Biological Self Restore are as follows:

Contraindications: contraindications  revealed no product. Limited use – if you are hypersensitive and complicated pregnancy toxaemia.

General recommendations: As a product with health-improving effect – a source of vitamins and minerals will help maintain the body’s defenses and protect against failures in the immune system.

Absorption begins with the oral cavity, however it recommended to take the tablet in powder form. To do this, you need to chew or suck the tablet.

You can leave the tablet for some time in the mouth for the rehabilitation / health improving effects of the oral cavity.

If you do not like the taste of the tablet is can be swallowed whole with water but for best effects it should be chewed.

1 tablet x 1 time daily 1 to 6
1 tablet x 2 times daily 7 to 12
1 tablet x 3 times daily 13 to 21
1 tablet x 4 times daily (or 2 tablets 2 times daily) 22 to 43
2 tablets x 3 times daily 44 on wards

*The addition of Probiotics during the first 14 days has shown to be of benefit.

*The maintenance dose once buildup has been completed can be as low as 1 tablet x 3 times daily with food. Some people with more complexed health issue will need to stay on the maximum dose of 2 tablets x 3 times daily. Seek advice from your health care professional.

*Those who are very unwell or sensitive may want to start with a smaller dose and start with half a tablet daily and build up.

*Children from 7 to 14 years – build up to 1 tablet. 3 times a day

BSR should be taken with food. Product reception start with small doses and gradually increased according to the recommendations indicated in the table above.

Athletes should can use this general usage guide or see a more specific guide found here.